Facebook Tip #2: How Do You Reject A Friend on Facebook.


Have you ever received a friend request from someone you either didn’t know or didn’t want to be connected to on Facebook? For example, an old flame you didn’t really want looking at all your recent wedding pictures. You have two choices. You can ignore or decline the request.


Ignore or Decline:
If you do nothing and ignore a friend request, you will appear as a pending request when the requester views you anywhere on the site or if they look at your profile. They won’t be able to send you another request until you take action on the first one. Your second option is to decline the friend request. The requester will not be notified that the request was declined but they will be able to send other friend requests in the future.


How to get rid of a friend (without them know it):
If you’ve already accepted a friend request that you now regret you can remove that person from your friend list and they will not be notified. However, they will no longer appear in your friend list and you will no longer appear in theirs. In order to remove a friend, go to the person’s profile and scroll down to the lower left and look for the link that says “unfriend.” Click on the link and you will be asked if you would like to remove the person as your friend.


What happens when you “block” someone?
Another option Facebook offers is blocking. If you block someone it prevents them from seeing that your profile exists on Facebook. They won’t be able to find you in search or see your profile. Blocking is mutual, so they will become invisible to you as well. If you had any ties with the person or they were on your friend list, blocking breaks those ties. Blocking is confidential and the person you block will not be notified. If you ever change your mind you can always unblock the person. To block someone from your account dropdown menu select “Privacy Settings.” Under block lists select “Edit Your Lists.” Enter the name or email address of the person you want to block and click “Block.” If you can’t find someone using this method, try going to person’s profile page. You can block them by scrolling down to the bottom of the left column and clicking “Report/Block This Person.” Once you click this link, check the “Block This Person” box and click “Submit.”


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